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CAD/AVL System

Design Proper System Design ensures that a realistic system is specified, and that project success is assured.

In all CAD/AVL projects, some level of system design is required. Normally, besides the requirement for a new CAD/AVL system, there is a parallel requirement to upgrade or replace the backbone radio system. In addition, new microwave or fiber optic communication systems may be required, and finally the actual new dispatch center or centers must be designed. The system design function is essentially that of designing all these various elements as an integrated whole, such that all the elements work smoothly together and that inter-system compatibility is maintained. Finally, the concept of "buildability" must also be maintained, such that the system design is realistic, cost effective, and achievable through the use of off-the-shelf components with minimum new design or implementation risks.

The system design task requires the services of a consultant with specific experience in the design of AVL data systems, as the requirements for accurate, error-free transmission of data to and from the AVL-equipped vehicles is an essential element to a successful AVL implementation. Accordingly, the radio system design, together with its backbone landline or microwave backbone system, may be substantially different to a design based only on voice channel quality. Also, the consultant must be versed in the interconnections between the AVL system and the CAD system, in the sense that many CAD features are integrated as inseparable elements of the AVL libraries of software and applications.

SCG has extensive experience in all elements of CAD/AVL system design. We base our design work on our knowledge of what can be accomplished within the state of the art, recognizing also the needs for long-term system reliability and product support.   

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